Adding, Editing and Deleting category

Adding a category

We go to the page with passwords. On the left side of the window you can see the Add category button, which you can click on. We will be transferred to the form page. The Category name field is for the category name. Then click on the Add category button. A new category has been created.

Editing a category

Go to the homepage with passwords. Categories are available on the left hand side. Select one of them and click on the Edit category button in the form of a notepad and pencil. A form has appeared on the new page. The Category name field contains our category name, which can be changed. Then click on the Edit category button. The category has been updated.

Deleting a category

Go to the page with defined passwords. Next to the category on the left is the Delete category icon in the form of an eraser. After clicking the icon you will be asked if you are sure that you want to delete the category. Click on the OK button.

Along with the category, all subcategories belonging to it and all passwords saved in the main category and subcategories will be deleted.

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