Changing the master password

A very important place where we can change the password to a new one for the whole file. Click on the main menu on the Options item and select Change Main Password from it.

The new window contains a form in which we fill in the fields: Old Password - the current password, New Password and Repeat New Password - the new password to be given to the file. Then click on the Update password button.

All passwords will now be changed because they were encrypted using the previous one. They are decrypted and then encrypted with the new one. Be careful not to close the application at this point, or because of the lack of power, for example, the file could be damaged. When the encryption changes you will be informed about it. At this point the file will close and you will be asked to reopen the file containing your passwords.



Make copies of your current file before changing your password. It may always be useful if the password change is not done correctly.