New message

Run against the menu of the Message, and then we choose the option the New message. The editor of the message became divided into three tucks. First is the Message HTML – containing the definition of the message to the person able to read the content recorded in the language with markers (currently all popular programs to the reception of the message and WebMail easily reads so recorded messages), is next the Message TEXT – it serves to defining of the message in the form of the plain text, and last Send the test – intended to the emission of the test for example on our e-mail (the emission of the test does not cause recording of the message in Sent).


Let us go on the first card the Message HTML. The field To serves to selecting of the group to which mom the intention to send a message. The field From contains our mail servers from which we will send a message. Then the field the Topic intended on the subject messages shown in postal programs and the field the Content on her content. Below is found the label a Signature, then we choose from her by means of the name with which we will define short fragments of the text, available at the end the letter. They are used for example for the purpose of informing of the recipient from whom the given letter the e-mail came.


The tuck the Message TEXT together with the field the textual Content is intended on the content the e-mail which cannot be read in the version HTML in the postal program.

Below windows are found two buttons Save – causes recording of our message in Save & Send – will cause recording of the message, and then to her setting in the queue to the shipment.