Edition of the group

Tagi: #group #edit

System enables except the addition of new groups, also their removal. We invade on the menu main on Groups, and then we choose the option Review. We pass to the group whose edition interests us. From the right we click on the icon Edit.

The field the Group name is intended on defining of our name for this element, a best way of the choice of the name is defining to what the given group will serve to us. Below the form is available the field Permits the storage of many copies of the same address the e-mail. In case of the mark one will be able to in the group to define the unlimited quantity of identical addresses the e-mail. After the end of the pursuance of the form we click on the button Update the group.


If the group had the right to the storage of the unlimited quantity of addresses the e-mail about such herself syntax the decoration of the option will cause, that during the edition of members we will not be able to edit the address which is found in the group more than an once. First we must remove copies of this address the e-mail.