Accounts shipments

Intended to the emission of our messages. Thanks to this option we can define the unlimited number of accounts intended to the shipment of the message the e-mail. The program department based on the server SMTP due to the fact, that the function mail() with PHP sends letters e-mail which in the present time by the most of mail servers is rejected as inauthentic.

We click on the menu main on Accounts, and then we pass to the table of the Account.

In the first column is found the number ID of the added record which is an element permitting the identification of him in the base of data through our program. The column the Name contains our account name after which we will identify it during the emission of the letter the e-mail. Then is found the sender of the mail that is the name of the server. In the column at the end the table we can see which user added the account, to click into the button to the edition and the removal of the element.