Export the e-mail

The export of mail helps to prepare the copy of addresses the e-mail together with all with data of recorded in the data. We click on the menu File, we choose from him the option Groups. Now from the right we are marking the group from which addresses we want to export, and then on left side we click on the option Edit group e-mails. On left side we choose the option Export group.

The field Select group serves at choice groups which we think save as the file CSV. Then we choose from the field What export the kind of data. The option Only e-mail will export only addresses, and the option Whole date all data. From the field Row separate we choose the limiter of following fields. After the mark Export field names in the first line will be recorded also names of columns. When we will finish to complete a form will be enough to click on the button Export.

The window will open then to the indication of the location and file-name. The end will follow the export of data.