Addition of the message

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The addition of the new message will take place across the special form. We click on menu File, we choose from him Messages. Now we are passing on the tuck Draft. On left side on the menu available is the position of New message.
After the click the new window will open. The field From is intended on the server from which we want to send, To field contains the group to which we want so that our message be transmitted. The following field Topic serves on the introduction of the topic. In the tuck HTML we put in the message body in the language HTML by means of the special editor WYSIWYG. However on the tuck Text we enter the content of the message if the user will not be able to read the version extended.
Buttons below windows will pwill execute suitable activities. Send – serves to the immediate news posting to the customer group. Attachements – the addition of attachments to the letter the e-mail. Save and Close – will record the message in sketches and will close the window, Save will record the message in sketches, and the button Cancel will cause the lock of the window without recording of made by us changes.

In the message one can use display files, however one ought to mind their size. Too large display files will cause the longer time of the emission of the letter the e-mail. If at the emission you selected in the configuration of the account the option The .NET then all files about extensions GIF, JPG and TIFF will be added for information. However if you selected at the configuration of the account of the emission the option SMTP send then automatically become attached files GIF. JPG, PNG and TIFF.

A best way will be the location of all display files on the server, and then later the interpolation them addresses URL in the marker IMG. Some servers at once will reject the message about the too large size.