Very important! I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had an operation during which he was removed. After four years I had a relapse and had to be operated on again. The surgery saved my life, but I remained disabled. Disability: loss of one eye, right paralysis and others. I take expensive medicines. I won't hide it: I need money for basic expenses such as medicines, rent, electricity, water, etc. I hope that I am the person you will help. Unfortunately, the country does not help me despite paying taxes when I was healthy.
Support me in the battle against cancer. You also support software development.

phpBlueDragon GetPozition

Software is designed for reporting and checking the current page rank in the search engine Google for the relevant keywords. Just add the address of your page, enter keywords, and add the appropriate tasks to CRON. The program will automatically search through what you will see at which position in the search results is your site.
The system is particularly useful when you order the positioning of our website. You can analyze the results to-date performance of the company's work, which commissioned the improving website visibility in the search engine.

No need for interference in the system, makes everyone will be able to handle it. The whole of the program is executed automatically on the server.

With the addition of Proxy you will avoid ban the IP address of the server, which can cause a lot of trouble both for us and the company in which we have bought account for the hosting.

Checking phrases

You can not just add one word to check, but also enter the entire phrase. It will be suitably processed by the system.

Automatic actions

You do not need effort to make anyone's day clicked on the link indicated. All elements are implemented by software on the server CRON.

Unlimited number of projects

You can define as many projects as you want, the program does not lock as to their quantity. As a result, the results will be carried out essentially without restriction.

Unlimited number of words/phrases

The absence of any limit to the number of words and phrases in which the parties are to be searched, gives enormous possibilities to adjust the results.

Definition of proxy servers

By defining the right amount of proxy servers, your server will not find on the list of blocked IP addresses Google.

Checking in 6 months

Analysis of the results is to look first implemented for a period of 6 months. So you can go back in time and analyze the results for you.






The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

The system needs to act (server)

Apache Web server with mod_rewrite module

PHP 5.6


The work requires (your browser)


Browser with AJAX

During the installation of some of these requirements is checked by the installer.

History of the program GetPozition

The history of the program and its development. All work will be saved in a list along with the version in which they were added, changed or deleted.

July 2, 2019

  • Improved cooperation with UTF-8 sites

May 8, 2019

  • Amendments to translations
  • Amendments to the delegation of tasks through CURL

February 28, 2019

  • Addition of holding output data in buffer

January 18, 2019

  • Improving the operation of the mail function

April 12 ,2017

  • Correct / change name
  • Correct / change color
  • Installer change / installer removal
  • Other fixes

March 3, 2017

  • Fixed port in installer

October 30, 2016

  • Improvement in the system of address assignment
  • New way to get a license
  • Improving texts in translation
  • Removing unnecessary folder

August 20, 2016

  • Creation software

The copyright notice and used components

Because I used a few ready-made components and software solutions I put all the information about their authors as required.

Program name/library: phpBlueDragon GetPozition
License: Freeware i Payware

Oprogramowanie wchodzące w skład:

Program name/library: CodeIgniter
License: MIT

Program name/library: jQuery
License: MIT

Program name/library: jQuery UI
License: MIT

Program name/library: PHPMailer
License: LGPL

Program name/library: SimpleIcon
License: CC 3.0 BY

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