The program allows you to segregate documents by categories.

Adding a category

You can add a new category by clicking on the Add category button at the bottom left of the program. Fill in the Category name field with the name of the category you want to create and click the Add button. A category has been created.

Category editing

Edit a category by selecting it, then selecting the Edit category button from the list and clicking on it. Correct the name of the category in the Category name field, then click on the Update button. The category has been updated.

Deleting a category

Click on the category you want to delete. Then from the buttons located below the field click on Delete category. The program will ask you if you are sure you want to delete it. Click on the Yes button. The category has been deleted.

When you delete a category, all the subcategories are deleted with the category - you cannot undo the operation. All files in the category or subcategory are moved to the Trash folder. This folder contains all deleted files, from where you can restore them to your system or delete them permanently.

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