The system checks the existence of links

Your site was positioned, but you do not know how to check a company that has undertaken this task. Maybe you are a company and would like to link to the customer at all times on the pages on which they are placed, but do not have time for daily check? Software HrefSystem - checking links, validation sites, downloading information with NoFollow, email reports automate this process. Here, you can add any number of projects in which they will be placed links. Their number also depends entirely on you. You add the appropriate entries to the software CRON on your server and forget about everything. The only thing that you have to remember is the daily check your e-mail inbox. It is on it will be sent detailed reports from checking party system. Besides checking whether there is a link will also be provided if the data has not been set for him NoFollow attribute that inscription is in it, the settings in the robots.txt file, the settings in the META header returned by the way, in the case of 301 and 302, the system will automatically connect connection to the server to which you were, whether in the end the amount of links on the page. Everything will be done automatically, and you can forget about the extra work, which every day had to be measured.