The sending group e-mails

PhpBlueDragon Mailer - send newsletters to groups of recipients, editing in the WYSIWYG editor is software for sending group e-mails otherwise known newsletter. It can also apply to employees in your company, if there are a very large number, and send e-mail to each of them that ordeal. The program has a group in which you can define any number of recipients, along with fields containing e-mail address, name, phone, post, etc. With the editor, you can insert the value of such a field. Thanks to this e-mail does not look anonymously. Accounts for shipping are defined in a special panel and there can be unlimited. This way you do not have to wonder how many accounts you can add, and then during shipping only select from added. In this program there are no limits. Create a message looks similar to creating a document in Microsoft Word. By using a WYSIWYG editor all the elements are added using the wizards. Added was also manager of graphic files, so you can upload them to the server, and then add just created an e-mail. Pictures will be taken from the server, which will greatly reduce the size, speed, and will not send, that it will be rejected by the recipient's server. The whole process of sending can be seen in the console or automate it. Just CRON software on the server and add a few lines of code. This allows you to set a deadline for sending the selected e-mail. You no longer remember her. There are two version: freeware which allows you to add a sender's account and payware version completely abolishing limits.