The check links to Your pages

I present softwares permitting the check of the quantity and the quality of links to your website - HrefSystem - checking links, validation sites, downloading information with NoFollow, email reports. If you are a person positioning your websites, a person who leads the own company, or simply you want to check the company which remained commissioned positioning of your web page use this program. He will check one of most important things, that is whether links are found on other pages. He will carry out for you the validation of every page, determining not only whether is found on her the link, but also will check the attribute NoFollow, settings of the file robots.txt, settings in the section META, the text in the link and the quantity of links going out from the given page. The program does not limit you due to the quantity of added projects and positions in projects. You pay once for the licence and you add as many as only you will be able to. Sells the software because I am found in it the easy position, among other things across operations of the phymatectomy of the brain through which the collection by me the office of profit borders on by a miracle due to the occupational medicine.