Support Luke 1% tax write-off

Good morning, thank you wanted to go to the website and learn about my not rather “colorful life”. I had surgery cut cancer of the brain, after radiotherapy, and then after a few years of entertainment replay or re-operation of the head. I declined to healthy through various defects in the brain, the loss of the left eye, paralysis of cranial nerves, the weakening of the right side of the body, headaches and a few other diseases that had attached itself to me. Fortunately, I work from home because of the bad luck I have a disability when applying for a job. There always seem to me to agree to work on the screen, and at the present time another mental work, unfortunately, no. I try as I can and I decided to write a few programs. I hope that they will sell well and that with the money obtained from their sale I can rehabilitate and live. Please purchase one program or if you are a company with a transfer to the account of the foundation donations. If you are an individual you can always deduct 1% of your tax. For more information, visit Let's help together Luke - person operated tumor, cancer of the head, the current disability and sickness.