Let's help together Luke cancer after surgery

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I am a person after two neurosurgical and radiation as a result of which I have serious health problems and life due to lack of funds. After the surgery, I remained unpleasant memories, as it usually happens after the surgery, I got this because of the different disabilities. Among other things, has settled on the left eyelid and loss of vision on the eye, lack of intelligible speech, headaches, impaired the right side of the body, problems with the small intestine, and several others. I ask you bought the software, or supported me 1% of the annual PIT settlement to the IRS. If you are a company, please consider donating to my account in the foundation, so that I will be able to live and to heal. Sorry, but the work is very hard. Although I have a qualification, occupational medicine does not allow me to work with the monitor, and as you know the current factory only provide the person with my disabilities. If you wanted to learn more invite you to visit Let's help together Luke - person operated tumor, cancer of the head, the current disability and sickness.

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