Information about phpBlueDragon Mailer

Too cost to send a newsletter or e-zine through toll systems mailings? Would you like to make your message was sent only to people who are on the list and not lost in a system? Would you like to make your emails only contain your content instead of paste at the end of links by systems designed for sending e-mails? Messages do not reach the recipients because the IP address of the server put on a blacklist? Questions are a lot more, and I would like you to put the system to send e-mail that you install on your server using the installer, where in a few fields and the system is ready.
Broadcast messages will not cost you as in the case of systems with carrying out a paid mailing. You pay once for the software and it is the end cost, instead of paying a monthly subscription and for the use of the system and an additional amount for redundant messages sent from your account.
The system ensures confidentiality – messages are only visible to you and the people to whom you send them. No limit size of attachments – you can add what size files you want. There are no restrictions to the types of files – the system is on your server and you decide what you want to send to people. No links at the end of an e-mail or check on the IP address from which the message is sent. Create a message is very simple, just fill out the form and click on the Send button. The system is equipped with a collection of statistics so you can see how e-mail and when was opened and from what IP address do it. You can learn more about PhpBlueDragon Mailer on his homepage where his full documentation.