About program phpBlueDragon Mailer

The program was created to be able to send e-mails to a large number of people. It is a system designed to perform mailing.

There are groups with e-mail addresses where in addition to the address, you can also define elements such as title, name and surname, address including the city, the postal code and the province, the name of the company where you work, phone, fax, and a few additional fields for private data.

Groups can be added, edited and deleted. An important element is the ability to collect in a group e-mail addresses that have their repetition. All addresses that are in the group can be exported to a file, and import e-mail addresses for the system from a CSV file.

Option exclusion from the midst of e-mail addresses defined by you will avoid sending letters to people who they do not want. This option works in all groups.

Composing messages is easy. Simply select from the drop-down list to whom you want to send, then by whom he has to be sent, enter the subject and content. By default, messages are sent in HTML format, but it is also possible to define the additional compactness, which will be shown to those not benefiting from Web browsers. To check, you can also send a test message on your e-mail address. In addition to the WYSIWYG editor added option to insert the contents of specific fields in the group in addition to the e-mail address, as well as adding attachments.

Messages sent are equipped with special functions such as statistics, to track whether a message was received by a particular e-mail address together with the IP address and the exact date together with the time. The second chapter is sending reports, are available here logs generated by the library sending the e-mail list.

When your server has software CRON, you can add a message to scheduled and they will be automatically sent when you define.

Defining your account intended for shipment you do in a special section where you provide data to the SMTP server, which will be realized through shipping.

Additional options that are available in the program include: signatures – intended to define the signatures on the lists of e-mail users – a place where you can manage accounts collaborators, options – configure system settings mailings, log – a list of all actions performed by you, your co-workers, as well as those not logged into the system, changing the password – designed to change the password, and profile – designed to fulfill his own data or data company you work for.

I hope that the use of the software will make you so much “fun” as me to create it.