Very important! I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had an operation during which he was removed. After four years I had a relapse and had to be operated on again. The surgery saved my life, but I remained disabled. Disability: loss of one eye, right paralysis and others. I take expensive medicines. I won't hide it: I need money for basic expenses such as medicines, rent, electricity, water, etc. I hope that I am the person you will help. Unfortunately, the country does not help me despite paying taxes when I was healthy.
Support me in the battle against cancer. You also support software development.

About phpBlueDragon Editor

phpBlueDragon Editor– file PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, available wizards to easily insert code – helps work on text files is well known to all developer tool. With it you can edit files of programs: PHP, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, C# and many others. It has a built-in word-wrap in place of the declaration of the class or function syntax of different languages, prompting a code, FTP manager. The editor was developed in C# with the use of several libraries, making it a “light” and “devouring” the system memory. It created a person who thus tries to cover the cost of rehabilitation, which is very expensive and the cost of his meals (Celiac). Luke – author undergone two brain operations after which the paralysis of facial muscles loss, left eye and weakened the right side of the body (arm and a leg). If you would like to help him buy the license, and the money will go to his rehabilitation.

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