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phpBlueDragon Mailer

Program was created to the emission of letters the e-mail to the large group of receipts, thanks why one can behind his help realize newsletter. The program installs itself on the external server be internal possessing the suitable software that is the interpreter program of scripts PHP together with the database MySQL.

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phpBlueDragon LocalMailer

System to send bulk e-mails does not have to cost a fortune. I wrote such a system, and I publish it freeware. I do not wish on anyone, anything for free. I can work and do it.
phpBlueDragon LocalMailer system is designed mainly for people who want to send their letters to a large audience without having to send individual letters.

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phpBlueDragon GetPozition

Software is designed for reporting and checking the current page rank in the search engine Google for the relevant keywords. Just add the address of your page, enter keywords, and add the appropriate tasks to CRON. The program will automatically search through what you will see at which position in the search results is your site.

Documentation PBD GetPozition Download

phpBlueDragon HrefSystem

System is designed to keep track of links to their sites on the Internet. You probably know how important these days are links from other websites to yours. It is mainly thanks to them and appropriately selected and edited content page trunks in Google results.

Documentation PBD HrefSystem Download

phpBlueDragon WykopAPI

I present WykopApi which is equipped with: browsing recommended posts, excavation entries, hit entries of the year, entries last month, last two months, last three months. The program is also equipped with browsing microblog entries, hot microblog discussions, keyword searches, and the microblog tag.

Documentation PBD WykopAPI Download

phpBlueDragon WebToDo

The program has in its capabilities placing tasks to be performed on the current day, important tasks, tasks planned for a given day, tasks sorted in categories that you can declare yourself.

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phpBlueDragon DMS

Tool designed to collect and describe documents. When you work in the office, you'll have big collection of documents or you want to scan documents in some logical way, phpBlueDrgon DMS is the ideal solution.

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phpBlueDragon SeoText

Creating texts for websites can cause us problems if we want to create thematic texts. How many times can one write on the same subject? The tool makes it easy to create texts that are similar, but not identical. This will prevent Google from considering the text to be copied from another website and will give Google fewer points. Such texts will vary depending on what we define in brackets. Any number of combinations may be entered from which only one will be selected.

Documentation PBD SeoText Download

phpBlueDragon Pass

Tool designed to store passwords in a safe place thanks to their encryption. Allows you to create an unlimited number of files, each containing a set of passwords. Passwords are protected by encryption with a separate key for all information in the file. A separate key is created for each file.

Documentation PBD Pass Download

phpBlueDragon PassWeb

A tool designed to store your passwords on a web server. Thanks to encryption, these passwords are stored securely. Maybe you have ever been away from home or work where you use a special program to store passwords? When you need it, it turns out that you didn't take the file with you? This program will be available on the Internet at a special address that only you will know.

Documentation PBD PassWeb Download

phpBlueDragon CodeGenerator

Program is used to generate barcodes or symbols. The software is easy to use, you need to select the type of code you want to generate. Then enter the text. Under the text field there are symbols that we can use. Selected whether you want to show the text in addition to the code. You can also choose the size of the graphic file presenting the generated code and error correction in the file.

Documentation PBD CodeGenerator Download

Converter MS Word documents *. doc and *. docx to the following formats: PDF, Images, RTF, Text, HTML, ODT and EPUB

Convert MS Word documents *. doc and *. docx documents to the following formats: PDF, Images, RTF, Text, HTML, ODT and EPUB. All formats in one place and you can convert them completely free on your computer...

Documentation WordOperation Download

phpBlueDragon Editor

phpBlueDragon Editor is very fast and lightweight operating system software that allows you to edit files used for presentation of content on the web. With it you can create, among other things PHP files, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and all kinds of text files.

Documentation PBD Editor Download

phpBlueDragon Image Converter

The program whose task is the change of extensions of display files. Often in my career I get data given the mailing and are found there files which cannot be augmented the program of the sender of the message. It will be enough to add files or the entire folder, then to choose the extension and the folder of approach. After the click on the button Convert of the file will be copied to the exit-catalog , and their type will be changed.

Documentation PBD Image Converter Download

phpBlueDragon Image Operation

The software permitting of wholesale the operation on display files enabling among other things: the change of their size, the change of the format of the picture, graduating in relation to the chosen value, the addition of the watermark, the imposition of the mask, the reflexion in the level and the department, rounding of corners, the exchange of colours, the application of different filters, turning according to defined degree and many more.

Documentation PBD Image Download

phpBlueDragon Password Generator

The tool helping in generating of the difficult, random password from among signs chosen by the user. User can choose groups of capital letters, lower-case letters, figures, the sign of the minus, the underscore character, the space, the special character and parentheses. If you have your own signs, you can it boldly also augment the program.

Documentation PBD Password Generator Download

phpBlueDragon Mass Password Generator

The tool permitting to generate to you the collection of hard passwords, not being with words coming from the dictionary. The application of such passwords facilitates to users by means of the method brute-force will get for account of in the any facultative service. Really the possibility of choosing from among capital letters, lower-case letters, figures, the sign of the minus, the underscore character, the space, special characters, parentheses and personally entered signs in the special field.

Documentation PBD Mass Password Generator Download

phpBlueDragon Icon Extractor

The tool permitting the extraction from programs EXE icons which the given file contain. We choose by means of the button Browse the program file, then clicked into the button Extract icon and we receive the first icon which contains indicated by us the file. By means of buttons being found under the icon we can export her to formats BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF and ICO.

Documentation PBD Mass Icon Extractor Download

phpBlueDragon Email File Extractor

The software designed for the purpose of the choice from the any file of all strings reminding in its composition addresses the e-mail. We choose the file by means of the button Browse, and then we click into the button Search the e-mail. A result will be writing out of all found addresses in the field below. Exists still the field checkbox Remove duplicates for which to the mark from the list of addresses will remain removed duplicates.

Documentation PBD Email File Extractor Download

phpBlueDragon Text Safe

Thanks to this program we can encrypt and to decode our text which we wanted to protect before other persons. Fields permitting the inscription of the text and the password will permit us his encipherment and the decryption by means of the algorithm AES. Remember to define Salt file, thanks to him except the entry, the holder of the encoded message will have to have also this file. This solution is much safer, than the possession only passwords.

Documentation PBD Text Safe Download

phpBlueDragon File Safe

The software whose main task is the encrypt and the decryption of the indicated file with the algorithm AES. We find the file which is supposed to remain the subject to the encrypt or to the decryption, we enter the password to which we would like to protect the file. Remember Salt file, he is very important. Elsewise reading of the spring-content of the coded file will be more easy. This is the software after the fashion TrueCrypt, however much more simple.

Documentation PBD File Safe Download

phpBlueDragon MD5

The program allows you to generate a checksum of the file that you have. In addition, you can also generate the same MD5 checksum specify located on the webpage from which the file download and make a check whether the two strings match. This allows you to check whether a file on your computer is compatible with the file on the server.

Documentation PBD MD5 Download

phpBlueDragon CRC32

CRC32 is used to generate file which is located on your computer. Besides generating also allows to verify that our sum agrees with the checksum given on the webpage from which the file comes.

Documentation PBD CRC32 Download

phpBlueDragon SHA1

Generates SHA1 checksum of the file which you add using the browse button to the program. It also allows you to verify that it matches the SHA1 code found on the webpage from download. This allows us to verify that the downloaded file in its entirety, as well as to verify whether it was added to the code of additional programs.

Documentation PBD SHA1 Download

phpBlueDragon SHA256

Thanks to the program we check SHA256 checksum chosen files. After its processing program will display a result of his actions. In addition, you can use the program also compare the resulting sum of the value of the set out on the application.

Documentation PBD SHA256 Download

phpBlueDragon SHA384

The program calculates the SHA384 checksum file, which will be given in a special window using the browse button. With its help, you can also compare the value received by us with the value available on the webpage to verify its authenticity.

Documentation PBD SHA384 Download

phpBlueDragon SHA512

The software generates a checksum SHA512, thanks to which we can compare the authenticity of the file on your hard disk with a file available for download on the website. This will provide greater assurance that the file is authentic and it was not made any changes.

Documentation PBD SHA512 Download

phpBlueDragon ChecksumsGenerator

The program is designed to generate control sums such as: MD5, CRC32, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512. Thanks to one program you will be able to generate different control sums to the file you want to upload to the Internet.

Documentation PBD ChecksumsGenerator Download


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