The end of moving the domains and configuring the programs to run on PHP 8

Tagi: #php8

While I wasn't writing programs, I was very busy writing the book and rearranging the programs to run on PHP 8. The hardest part was moving the pages from phpBlueDragon, we had to rewrite the whole site and re-write the admin panel. I created a panel, in which PL and EU domains are available, along with the rest of the system options. At last all administration options in one panel.

In addition, I purchased several programs and moved some to the laptop. Until recently it was implemented in such a way that I worked on two computers. Currently due to frequent trips I have moved all my programs to the laptop.

The second issue is the COVID vaccination mania and all the action associated with that target. Currently, the police are going around restaurants, stores and other public places handing out fines for not wearing the mask correctly. Unfortunately, but in the public transport I use, especially in buses, they also check. They don't take into account at all how much each bus will be late. Currently, the timetable can be taken as a hint. Fortunately, the transport has prepared a page where, thanks to the GPS installed in the buses, you can at least get an idea of when a particular bus will arrive.

The only thing left is to transfer the phpBlueDragon page in PL version. I'll do it tomorrow [Friday] and I'll be after the hardest PHP version change. Framework in which I wrote all pages now has changed significantly and for this reason I had to write everything from the beginning. Hence my absence.

I will soon be back to writing software and making changes to the current one according to your advice. Thank you very much for all e-mails with suggested corrections.