My computer has been going crazy with software updates lately.


First Kaspersky made me reboot my computer. Then I rebooted three times because of vulnerabilities Microsoft found in my system. Then a new printer driver - which caused me to reboot again. Yesterday Kaspersky asked me again, and today Microsoft asked me again. The war between Russia and Ukraine seems to have moved to the digital world. Everyone wants to know as much as possible. Personally, I don't know whether to change the antivirus for another one that doesn't have a Russian residency in its origin, because we don't know what it can be used for. I don't suspect the creator himself of any nefarious purposes, but he may have been visited by national security gentlemen in Russia and heard that he could commit suicide today? That's how it is in the part of the world where I live that, unfortunately, suicides are performed by people in the highest positions in the government and the case is dropped by the prosecution? Of course someone commits suicide on Friday night. The laboratory where the autopsy is done is of course already closed. It is also closed on the weekend and they just open it on Monday. By that time, all the poisons and other drugs applied to the person have decomposed. This is how people live in what some of the more "civilized" countries call the third world in Silesia.

The Internet news reports that someone has exposed the source code of Kaspersky? The program's creator himself denies this. Who to believe?