Admin panel, site translation, book translation, it's getting expensive all over!


The SQL Maestro based admin panel is almost ready to use. During the work I had to give up using CKEditor and had to use TinyMCE version 4. Fortunately, after many hours of searching I found a site where you can download the editor. Then I had to disable all paid plugins in it.
Additionally, I translated the database dump file and some of my books into several languages. Everything is on its way so that from January next year I will be able to launch websites in other languages.
I currently have two more books contracted by Helion to write. At least I will have some pocket money.
I received an anonymous 1% donation and the entire amount will go to buy coal, which has increased in price to 250% of what it was before the winter came. Now I have to spend all my money on coal. Now everything is getting more expensive. People demand a raise from the boss, so the boss gives them one. Because of this, products will become even more expensive due to the fact that professionals have to be paid for their increased salaries. And the situation starts all over again. I see it all in the dark :(