This blog is where I will post about the software, the progress, ideas for new programs, software updates, and home page updates. Only the most important posts are included.

Yesterday was Labor Day and for me it was also Labor Day

Yesterday being Labor Day which is celebrated by people on both the left and the right. This celebration reminds us that we can be proud of ourselves by doing even the most humiliating activity as work. As long as it is needed by humanity such a person should be respected! For my part, unfortunatel [...]

My computer has been going crazy with software updates lately.

First Kaspersky made me reboot my computer. Then I rebooted three times because of vulnerabilities Microsoft found in my system. Then a new printer driver - which caused me to reboot again. Yesterday Kaspersky asked me again, and today Microsoft asked me again. The war between Russia and Ukraine see [...]

Creating a book on C# and "windowed" applications

I'm ripe for writing a book on developing "windowed" applications using Visual Studio and the C# language, which will be the backbone of programming in the coming years. With the addition of the .NET platform (not to be confused with the .NET Framework), you will be able to write a single applicatio [...]

Improvements added to website in January 2022

phpBlueDragon website enriched with features such as: uploading a version of the site based on the new framework, adding a translation file to the Polish and English version on the server, copying the file with the translation of the Polish version to the English version, adding new phrases that req [...]

Migration to PHP 7 is now complete

I'm pleased to announce that all websites have been migrated to the new PHP version. It may seem like a no-brainer for some, but for me it was quite a challenge because of the framework I was using. I had to learn how CodeIgniter 4 works and rewrite all the pages using it. The applications I wrote [...]

Page with progress of the works on Goethego Square in Zabrze

I created a page where you can admire the current buildings in Zabrze on Plac Goethe. The whole square is to be rebuilt. There will be a new location for public transport buses on the ground floor. On the upper floors there will be places for PKS buses and a parking zone for those who are going to t [...]

Admin panel, site translation, book translation, it's getting expensive all over!

The SQL Maestro based admin panel is almost ready to use. During the work I had to give up using CKEditor and had to use TinyMCE version 4. Fortunately, after many hours of searching I found a site where you can download the editor. Then I had to disable all paid plugins in it. Additionally, I tran [...]

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - What I did today

I responded to the e-mails that users had written to me. I read the advice in the PHP Generator for MySQL help about adding another WYSIWYG editor. I started to change the editor from the system editor to CKEditor with a plugin for viewing files. In the meantime, I saw some videos of Kononowicz [...]

The end of moving the domains and configuring the programs to run on PHP 8

While I wasn't writing programs, I was very busy writing the book and rearranging the programs to run on PHP 8. The hardest part was moving the pages from phpBlueDragon, we had to rewrite the whole site and re-write the admin panel. I created a panel, in which PL and EU domains are available, along [...]

Moving a website to PHP 7 and 8

The time has come to say goodbye to PHP version 5. Although the CodeIgniter software will run on the new PHP version I prefer not to risk that the day will come when PHP version 5 will be disabled due to incompatibility. That is why I am moving all my sites to CodeIgniter version 4. I really like [...]