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Moving a website to PHP 7 and 8

Published: 2021-09-24

The time has come to say goodbye to PHP version 5. Although the CodeIgniter software will run on the new PHP version I prefer not to risk that the day will come when PHP version 5 will be disabled due to incompatibility. That is why I am moving all my sites to CodeIgniter version 4. I really like the framework development and the direction in which its creators are going. Currently in CodeIgniter it is the same as in Yii, in the root directory there is only index.php and .htaccess file. Everything else such as: controllers, models and view files are placed in the area inaccessible from a web browser, that is outside the public_html directory. So far I have moved services such as Download and OpenSource. By the end of September I will relocate all the sites that are left. (more ...)


Word document conversion software - published

Published: 2021-09-01

Releases first stable version of software to convert files created in Microsoft Word to formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML, ODT, EPUB or plain text or save them as images. In addition, the software allows you to bulk add and remove protection against editing, or assign a password to documents. phpBlueDragon WordOperation (more ...)


Technical announcement regarding the server

Published: 2021-08-08

The company I have purchased hosting from has informed me that due to the need for technical work, the hosting service will be temporarily unavailable as planned from: 2021-08-14 23:00:00 to 2021-08-15 03:00:00 (GMT + 01:00). This will cause the server to be unavailable for more than 3 hours. They will try their best to make the work run smoothly and the interruption as short as possible. Because of this I would like to inform you that the server will be unavailable in the given time or the use will be difficult. (more ...)


Message from Hyperreal regarding the use of Facebook

Published: 2021-08-01

Welcome everyone! We urge you not to use Facebook to discuss psychoactive substances or their use! There are several reasons for this: Facebook has long been an advertising delivery platform - you have probably already encountered the statement that "the user is a Facebook product sold to advertisers". Facebook is a for-profit company, meaning the sole purpose of their existence is to pay Mark and his team. For the above reason, everything you do on Facebook serves only to profile you and your interests in order to more accurately deliver ads from Facebook Inc. clients. Vocabulary tracking algorithms work out what you talk about most and match your profile to the advertiser's target audience. This system can be hacked for purposes other than marketing - as the Camb (more ...)


I have published software for converting Microsoft Word programs

Published: 2021-07-27

Software has ability to convert MS Word *.doc and *.docx documents to formats: PDF, Images, RTF, Text, HTML, ODT and EPUB. It also has the ability to add and remove bulk encoding of documents with your own password. In addition, it can also automate the ability to make files read-only or remove them. Currently the software is only released as a Portable and is available as a BETA version. I would like to thank people who participate in its testing for the reported bugs, which will be fixed. After fixing these bugs I will publish a version to install as well as use in portable mode from e.g. USB. (more ...)


Adding the possibility to download applications in software presentation

Published: 2021-06-30

Since several people have suggested that I add the possibility of downloading applications to the software documentation so that it would be easier to try them out I noticed that indeed these people are right. As they say the shoemaker walks in hollow shoes. From now on it is possible to download the latest published file for the application and go to the entire download section. I hope that this will make it easier for people interested in my programs to test them and use them permanently in their homes or businesses. (more ...)


Preparing for the release of phpBlueDragon Word Operation

Published: 2021-05-02

At the moment we are working on preparing for the release of the first BETA version of Word Operation in which you will be able to convert *.doc and *.docx format document to files: PDF, images, RTF, text files, HTML, ODT or EPUB files. Additionally opening encrypted documents and converting them to unencrypted. Opening and saving documents protected against modification as well as protecting them against editing. Conversion will be able to take place on any number of files in any location. I hope you will like this program. (more ...)


New phpBlueDragon CVSTool software

Published: 2021-03-03

I have added the CVSTool software to the phpBlueDragon list. With this software I gained the ability to use software from some companies for free. These companies are: Syncfusion and Jetbrains. Thanks to the fact that the software is released under GNU GPL license and frequent updates to my software, they give me the opportunity to use their software completely for free. (more ...)


A very large number of improvements made to the software

Published: 2021-01-05

Programs like GetPozition, HrefSystem, Mailer [Server], PassWeb have been refreshed and missing functionality has been added. Changed jQuery to newer version, changed jQuery to newer version in libraries, improvements concerning database, changed MySQL/MariaDB database driver to constant connections, small changes in language version of installer, changed minimal PHP version on which you can run the software to version 7, improved font file access in password reminder option, changed date in program footer, changed message in program header, added to users table unique value for e-mail field, improved adding references when changing prefix for tables and few other changes. I hope you will like the changes I've made to the programs. (more ...)


Improvements in GetPozition 1.0.8

Published: 2020-11-03

I've added a lot of patches you asked for in GetPozition and published a new repository on GitHub. Changing jQuery to a newer version Changing jQuery to a newer version in libraries Improvements to the database Changing the MySQL/MariaDB database driver for fixed connections Minor changes in the installer's language version Changing the minimum PHP version on which you can run the software to version 7 Improving font file access in password reminder option Changed date in the program footer Changed message in the program header Adding a value to the user table that is unique to the e-mail field Correcting the addition of references when changing the prefix for tables   (more ...)